Published on 7 November 2023

Roche Diabetes Care China to Establish the “Chengdu Model” for Digital Diabetes Management

Shanghai, China, 07 Nov. 2023 – Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) is participating in the China International Important Expo (CIIE) for the sixth consecutive year with a 1,000m2 booth, demonstrating integrated solutions from Roche Pharmaceuticals and Roche Diagnostics. Roche Diabetes Care demonstrated their latest product solutions, including the ACCU-CHEK® Guide, ACCU-CHEK® Guide Me ACCU-CHEK® Instant Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, and Sugar Bright digital diabetes management platform.

At the CIIE, Roche Diabetes Care signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Chengdu Eastern New Area Municipal Administration Committee to jointly advance the development of a comprehensive digital chronic disease management demonstration area. After the signing ceremony, a panel discussion was held to review the positive impact of this cooperation for people with diabetes as well as for the health industry. Speakers include Hu Dengyu (Director of Health Commission of Chengdu Eastern New Area), Yan Tong (Center of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases, The Third People’s Hospital of Chengdu), and Geok Bee (Jean) Koh, Head of Roche Diabetes Care China, shared their respective insights regarding practical experiences and new models for digital diabetes management both in and out of the hospital.

Jean Koh pointed out that, "As a global leader in integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM), Roche Diabetes Care strives to provide solutions that bring true relief to people with diabetes. With today’s partnership, we aim to help communities build health records for patients locally, so as to enable stronger clinical decision-making for the integration of treatment and prevention of chronic disease management in China." 

Jean Koh, Head of Roche Diabetes Care China

Digital Empowered Innovation in Chronic Disease Management, Exploring New Model for Whole Course Management of Diabetes

Roche Diabetes Care is actively exploring digital management of chronic diseases with medical institutions to improve accessibility, effectiveness and affordability of healthcare services. In July 2023, Roche Diabetes Care, with the support of the Chengdu Eastern New Area Municipal Administration Committee, integrated its blood glucose digital management solution into the district's diabetes and hypertension screening program. Through collaborative digital management in and out of the hospital, healthcare professionals are better enabled to establish complete health records for patients in their communities. This will help to support earlier prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, while optimising the allocation of resources and reducing medical costs overall. 

Screening for diabetes and hypertension for citizens over 60 years of age has been performed across five pilot areas in Chengdu Eastern New Area. After more than 2 months, a total of 20,000 citizens were screened and more than 2,000 were identified as being at high risk for diabetes. As a result, early intervention and management measures have been implemented for people at risk.

Hu Dengyu said, "Chengdu Eastern New Area is launching the construction of the Digital-Grid Chronic Disease Management Demonstration Zone in 2023, hoping to make the best of governmental, healthcare, science and technology, and industrial resources, thus providing chronic disease patients with comprehensive health management services. With this strategic partnership, we intend to provide all parties with the full benefit of the 'technology + mechanism' resources, gradually ensuring the integrated, digital health management service closed loop of 'active prior prevention, clinical follow up care, and uninterrupted tracking services'. " 

Yan Tong shared the insights from the pilot program: "Chengdu Eastern New Area is ageing drastically, with 26.23% of the population over 60 years of age and over 60,000 chronic disease patients in the area. The current pilot program through proactive identification of high-risk groups and hidden patients has not only identified diabetic patients, but has also greatly improved the chronic disease awareness amongst citizens thereof. We intend to establish a digital management platform for major chronic diseases at the grassroots level through strategic partnership with Roche Diabetes Care, so that healthcare institutions can dynamically monitor the health outcomes of chronic disease populations and local citizens can enjoy a 'smart' platform for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases accordingly." 


Accelerating Digitalization of Diabetes Management for the Mutual Benefit of Patients, Hospitals, and Society 

In 2023, Roche Diabetes Care marked the 40th anniversary of its home blood glucose testing solution. Roche has consistently adhered to the principle of "putting the patient's needs first," actively responding to the requirements for diabetes screening and diagnosis, as emphasised in the Healthy China 2030 Initiative. This commitment involves guiding patients to enhance their health management and working diligently to foster cooperation with various partners. The ultimate goal is to drive the digital transformation of diabetes management in China, with the aim of benefiting patients, hospitals, and society as a whole.

Li Wei, Director of Chengdu Eastern New Area Municipal Administration Committee, stated in his address, "By establishing a comprehensive district-wide digital grid-based demonstration area for chronic disease management, we aim to create a model for chronic disease management in Chengdu Eastern New Area. We look forward to harnessing Roche's leading technological advantages and diabetes management expertise. Through the practical implementation of chronic disease management for the target population of 400,000 in Chengdu Eastern New Area, we intend to achieve dynamic monitoring and early warning of the health outcomes of the entire chronic disease population. This will provide a sound basis for clinically informed decision-making in the prevention and management of chronic diseases."

Jean Koh said: "Through our strategic partnership with Chengdu Eastern New Area Municipal Administration Committee, we are pleased to see the increasing acceptance of the digital diabetes management model among healthcare professionals and patients. We also look forward to delivering higher-quality diabetes management services for people with diabetes in China in the future, aiming to establish a replicable pattern of diabetes management that assists patients in better managing their health conditions and alleviates the burden on their families and society."

In the future, Roche Diabetes Care will continue to establish an open local health ecosystem with industry players in China. Through the establishment of the demonstration area, Roche Diabetes Care will bring the “Chengdu Model” for digital diabetes management nationwide, thereby fully supporting and driving the early achievement of the goals outlined in the Healthy China 2030 Initiative.


About Roche Diabetes Care

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