Published on 6 May 2021

Roche collaborates with Lilly to support people with diabetes on insulin pen therapy

  • Roche and Lilly will integrate data from Lilly’s connected insulin pen solution into the mySugr app in several countries.
  • Both companies are dedicated to driving new possibilities to ease the complexity of daily decision making for people with diabetes on insulin pen therapy and their healthcare professionals.  
  • By collaborating with Lilly, Roche accelerates growth of its open ecosystem enabling its strategy of integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM). 
Roche today announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Eli Lilly and Company, a global leader in diabetes care delivering innovative solutions including medicines and technologies, to work towards optimising the management of insulin pen therapy. By collaborating with Lilly, Roche follows its ambition to create an open ecosystem including its own and partner devices, solutions and services, across the continuum of care in diabetes. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, data from Lilly’s connected insulin pen solution will become part of Roche’s open ecosystem through the mySugr app in several countries outside the U.S. This integration will follow the recent launch of the Novo Nordisk smart insulin pen data integration into the mySugr app. 
“Having diabetes is often described as a full-time job. The time spent on activities that come with insulin therapy – blood glucose monitoring, carbohydrate counting, injections, and lifestyle planning – can add up to several hours a week,” said Marcel Gmuender, Global Head of Roche Diabetes Care. “We at Roche and mySugr aim to expand the number of possibilities for people with diabetes and their caregivers to collect, share and contextualise diabetes-related data. We want to enable people with diabetes to see a broader picture of their individual diabetes journey in order to support their everyday decision making.” 
The collaboration with Lilly will enable users of the mySugr app to integrate data through Lilly’s Tempo Smart Button™, which is currently pending CE mark. The Tempo Smart Button™ will attach to Lilly’s Tempo Pen™, a modified version of Lilly’s existing prefilled, disposable insulin pen. When paired with the mySugr app, the Tempo Smart Button™ will automatically transfer data into the mySugr app enabling users to manage insulin pen data together with other diabetes-relevant data in one place. “Lilly is a company with extensive experience in the field of insulin therapy. Together, we are looking forward to creating valuable insights into daily diabetes management and providing new opportunities for a more personalised approach in insulin pen therapy,” stated Marcel Gmuender.
“At Lilly, we are dedicated to developing and delivering connected solutions that can help ease the burden of diabetes care on people living with the condition,” said Marie Schiller, vice president of product development for Connected Care and Insulins at Lilly. “We are thrilled to work with Roche and mySugr to advance our goal to better support the diabetes community. Through our collaboration, we are providing people with diabetes with more choice when it comes to their personal treatment needs and goals.”
Using the mySugr app’s report function, people with diabetes will be given the possibility to share the documented data seamlessly with their doctors for informed discussions on insulin pen therapy. In future, healthcare professionals will also be able to see patients’ data from Lilly’s Tempo Pen™ through the Tempo Smart Button™ directly in the RocheDiabetes Care Platform, the healthcare professional-facing key component of Roche’s open ecosystem.​
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- Soo-Jin Pak
- Yvette Petillon
- Sarah-Maria Richter