Media Contacts

Media Contacts

Journalists are welcome to contact Roche Diabetes Care's media relations team. Our team can help you with your research and will be happy to answer your questions.

If you have a general or product-specific enquiry, or any other non-journalistic question, please reach out to your local Accu-Chek office directly to get guidance.

Contact for Costomers
Take a look at our local affiliates.

Media Contacts Global

Our team provides you cross-national content and information about Roche Diabetes Care.

[email protected]

Soo-Jin Pak
Global Head of Communications at Roche Diabetes Care
Yvette Petillon
Global External Communications Manager at Roche Diabetes Care

Media Contact mySugr

Sarah-Maria Richter
Global Communications Manager at mySugr

Adverse event reporting

Adverse event reporting

Please note that the provided media contacts on this site are not to be used to report adverse events or to ask any questions regarding medical products.

Reporting side-effects related to our products should be sent to your Roche local safety contact. For country-specific contact details please visit: https://www.roche.com/products/local_safety_reporting.htm?acc1=tab1

Patients are being asked to primarily contact their personal physician.