Published on 30 May 2022

Digital solutions are redefining diabetes management

Living with diabetes is often complex and always personal. Managing this chronic condition is a round-the-clock task. While many resources exist to support glucose monitoring, or tracking of nutrition and lifestyle data, improving medical outcomes and keeping glucose levels in range is an ongoing challenge. Treatment success depends on a range of factors – and the more personalised the therapy is, the better the outcomes will be.

Diabetes prevalence continues to rise worldwide, with around 537 million people currently living with the disease.1 This puts additional pressure on healthcare system resources and clinicians. Therefore, expanded access is needed to integrate digital solutions that can help make sense of all therapy-relevant data, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of diabetes care.

Dr Bernd Schneidinger, International Business Lead, Roche Diabetes Care, explains how “we understand that each person is unique and therefore diabetes care should be personalised. This change in the way we address diabetes therapy is being driven by harnessing technology and machine learning to help people experience true relief from their diabetes therapy routines.”

Guided by this vision of enabling people to take control of diabetes management, we developed the Accu-Chek® Glucolytics app in partnership with IBM to further tailor and personalise diabetes management. This solution is able to collect and combine therapy-relevant data to ease the daily management of diabetes using machine learning.


Our ultimate aim is to help people with diabetes all around the world think less about their daily diabetes routines, make confident and informed therapy choices that fit their life while managing the disease on their own so they have more freedom and peace of mind.
Tina Wörner
Solution Development Manager, Roche Diabetes Care


While the retrospective tracking of blood glucose is standard in today’s digital diabetes management solutions, this app is designed to keep people within their target blood glucose range by predicting fluctuations and recommending actions with enough time ahead of spikes or drops. It integrates relevant data from diabetes management devices like glucose monitoring solutions, insulin information, health and fitness trackers, and other systems to create a comprehensive picture, and provides personalised glucose predictions along with recommendations.

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