20 April 2023

Sustainable Diabetes Care

Earth Day is a once-a-year moment for both industry and individuals to come together to demonstrate commitment to protecting our shared environment - this year under the theme ‘Invest In Our Planet’. Take a look at some of the changes we’re making to improve our environmental sustainability and make daily diabetes management ‘greener’..

21 March 2023

Fasting with diabetes - hear from an expert

The month of Ramadan begins today, and fasting will be practised by millions of Muslim people worldwide. But for people with diabetes, fasting can pose unique challenges.

21 December 2022

#DiabetesMeetUp: How access to diabetes care and education can drive improved quality of life

Health inequalities due to scarce resources resulting in limited access to diabetes care, low disease awareness and education still are huge challenges people with diabetes face. Especially in low-resourced countries, diabetes today can still be a deadly disease when no access to diagnosis and therapy are available. 

22 November 2022

Stepping into the shoes of people with diabetes

People with diabetes don’t get a break from the demands of managing the condition. Every day, a person with diabetes makes upwards of 180 therapy decisions – and these decisions don’t wait for a convenient time. Whether it’s a busy day at work, a big night out, or a moment of relaxation, the tasks must be completed. 


11 November 2022

Finding my diabetes sweet spot

By Sarah Richter, Public Relations Manager at Roche Diabetes Care

As someone who has experienced all the highs and all lows of type 1 diabetes, Sarah knows that managing diabetes is an extremely personal journey.