We establish

an open ecosystem to enable true personalisation.

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We establish

an open ecosystem to enable true personalisation.

Because the global diabetes epidemic continues to challenge clinicians, healthcare systems and payers.

There simply are not enough resources to sustain care for the alarming increase in the number of people with diabetes. That’s why we need to expand access, connect and make sense of relevant health data that can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.

Taking diabetes management to the next level with our open ecosystem.

With a broad range of partners, experts and solution providers, we have established an open ecosystem that seamlessly connects people with diabetes, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and payers. Through our strategic partnerships, we’re harnessing joint expertise and resources to deliver innovative solutions faster.

With our open ecosystem, we accelerate the collection and storage of relevant patient data in compliance with applicable data protection and IT-security standards. By integrating our own and partner solutions into an intelligent platform, we can expand, analyse and transform the data into powerful insights.

This enables us to create integrated Personalised Diabetes Management solutions and provide choice for people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and payers across the entire continuum of diabetes care.

With this open ecosystem, we will shape and advance the way diabetes care is provided in the future.

Partnering to help improve people’s lives with diabetes

Opening up to connect our solutions to others

Combining our know-how

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform.

An intelligent platform that fosters faster connections.

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform is the professional interface of our open ecosystem. The care platform helps to streamline workflows to help the healthcare team spend less time gathering data and more time in meaningful consultations.

Learn more about RocheDiabetes Care Platform.